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Finger Injury - Capsulitis?

Lila Machado
Hello colleges!, about 8 weeks ago I was climbing my proyect, in a lateral crimp I heard a "POP" on my right hand, I had already climbed the crux so I checked my fingers by closing and opening my fingers and it was O.K. so I kept on climbing, at the end of the route I felt a little pain in my Pinky finger but I was able to send the route without using it. It got swollen a little bit so I stopped for a few days but then went back climbing. It didn't felt 100% normal but it was O.K.. after 3 weeks I was bouldering and after a hard move with my left hand started to hurt a lot so I stopped. After that it is swollen specially around the Interphalangeal Joint (right in the middle), it is not FULLY extended (-5º of extension) and it is deformed a little bit to the right (like a valgus) from that joint to the top of my finger. I stopped climbing for 5 weeks now and I don´t see any difference, it's not so much better!. An X-Ray didn't show any fracture... Help!. Any advice? will it get better in a few weeks? will it stay like that forever?