Dr 8a

Athlete's foot

Dear all, dear Dr. 8a,

last year in winter I started feeling itching of my toes, which turned into horrific pain when wearing and using climbing shoes. I was diagnosed of "Athlete's foot": a fungal infection. I was prescribed a myco-static cream, took particular care of foot hygiene, stopped climbing for a while and after a few weeks all was good again. For the whole summer and until now I was fine and back crushing, more or less.

But now, hell, it came back. The winter is dry and I am climbing more than I am skiing, and it appears as if winter and climbing was a particular unfavorable combination. I was prescribed another cream, started wearing my sandals, which is bearable in a dry winter but looks still weird, and I thought I had defeated it once more, but, hell squared, I started too early, it came back again. My last day out at the crag I was defeated by pain, and my toes now look really horrible. My doctor now prescribed also oral myco-statics and I shall not wear climbing shoes for 4 weeks.

I am here asking for whether you have any experience and special advice for me!? I am surprised I haven't found anything about this topic here. I am the only one? It would seem that climbers might be prone to such problem. Herewith I break the silence and speak up!

Some further details: affected are the top sides of my toes, actually right where I have the highest pressure from the climbing shoes, which are from leather. I desinfected them with baking powder, which I also did with my long-lived, literally vivid, leather shoes. Else, I am male and in my mid thirties.

So, my shoes might be a real problem here. Do I need to burn them?

Thanks for your advice and best regards

Sebastian Fungus

Ciao everyone! One should rename the topic to "Chillblains". The diagnosis was wrong and I did not suffer from athlete's foot, but from "Chillblains" [https://triadfoot.com/2021/04/07/chilblains-the-cold-weather-red-toes/]. So, apparently athlete's foot is neither my nor our community's issue. Great! With spring having arrived and temps rising I am recovered and back on rock in climbing shoes, which I luckily did not burn! Cheers everyone!