Climbing in Byzgoszcz and around

Hi !! I am going to Polamd next year for continue there my studies, i will go to Bydgoszcz. I am looking for places for climb there or near but i dont find anything. Somebody can help me, some club or training wall on Byzgoszcz?? I have fear to think that i will go there and can not climb for one year... Thanks for help mee, and sorry for my english...

Hi. My name is Przemek and I live in Bydgoszcz. My English is also bad :( Bydgoszcz is not good place too climbing- the nearest rocks are about 400 km. from city. The climbing wall was closed one year ago, but my friend open small boulder wall in May this year. From about 2-3 months mayby start new big climning wall.  If you have a choice, the best place in Poland to climb is a Kraków, but for my the best rocks areas in the world are in Spain :) I greet. Przemek
New climbing wall opened recently : http://cwspider.com/?page_id=12