Climbing in Mexico City

Hi, in January I will be on a 4 days business trip in Mexico City. I might have half a day, or an early evening, for some climbing. Is there any bouldering or a climbing gym with boulder wall that you can recommend ? Thanks, Horss

You should look for one close to your work place, in which zone will you be (as it is a big city)?
my hotel will be in Presidente Masaryk street.
The following ones are "close". I would recomend you to send them an email to know their schedule as usually gyms open after work.  its a small boulder wall.  boulder gym (much better) There are many others but i think they would be far because of trafic.
i recommend: - "bloc-E" (near metro mixcoac) - or "onyx" (near metro xola) or the BEST if the weather is good: go to the volcanic boulders around the university UNAM. it's in the south of the city, near metro copilco from where you can walk...there you have 2 sectors (1 with boulders ("el pumita") & 1 with sport-routes ("la escuelita")) just beside the "estadio olímpico" (the football-stadium) + another sector (boulder) near the "facultad de derecho") saludos!