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Climbing in North Italy last oct -early nov

VictOr Tratsevskiy
Can anyone tell me about conditions of climbing at last autumn in North Italy esp Finale Ligure & Muzzerone?  Temperature, routes, accommodation, food and generally partners!

Roby Benvenuti
Hi! perfect conditions. this is best period of the year in all Ligurian crags. try B&B in finalborgo. they are very beautiful like "i cinque campanili" " il bandito e la principessa" "ca d'alice" e "ca' magli"m try to google them.
Lorenzo "Lez" Doria
Generally good conditions for Climbing.Try also some spots in Albenga area, 15 min from Finale Ligure ("Oltre Finale" is the guidebook's title) - they are spectacular expecially sectors: Teminal, Castelbianco, Euskal. Meteo: ciao Lez