Respect Albarracín

Hello to all  The problems in the zone of boulder of Albarracín are every time major, for this we spread the news of the possible prohibition.  If you have thought to visit the zone, it fulfills all the procedure to avoid the total prohibition.  Please, to spread the news to make to realize to the major possible number of persons. Related news: JORNADA BLOQUERA DE CONCIENCIACIÓN 1ª Asamblea por un Albarracín Limpio y Respetado ACCESOS Y ECOLOGÍA Cuidemos Albarracín Blogs: Respect Albarracín Vid Respect Albarracín!Chapter 1 Respect Albarracín!_Chapter 2 Respect Albarracín! Chapter 3 Respect Albarracín! Chapter 4 TRANSLATION FOR NON-SPANISH CLIMBERS OF THE NEW RULES ABOUT CLIMBING IN ALBARRACIN: CURRENT SITUATION OF CLIMBING IN ALBARRACÍN (30/11/2010) It'll make a restructuring of the decree that regulating the climbing Albarracín. The significant increase in the number of climbers who frequent the area, is having a great environmental impact. In a meeting with the Association of Climbers done in last November 16 with the Department of Environment and Forestry, the following points were discussed: - Unauthorized climbing Sol y Mas sectors. Are privately owned and do not have permission to climb on them. Albarracín City Council is working so wen can return to climb in these sectors, since the ban has nothing to do with conservation. We inform the climbing community as we learn more things about it. - Are tolerated to stay overnight in the parking lot with vehicles (although we must not forget that it is prohibited), obliterating any sign of camp the next morning, and always within parking spaces. - There are two parking areas. The parking of the Cabrerizo, and the main car park. In this one are 3 different zones. One to the left of the road as you come from Albarracín, and two with roofs. In areas with roofing, only park strictly above the roof. If your van does not fit, please park in main parking only, or in the Cabrerizo. The area where people park lately, to the left of the first roofed area of the main car park, is NOT parking lot. - To access to the climbing sectors, we can only follow the main roads & trails, without breaking of these to take shortcuts. We deforested the area creating new paths. - Boulders restricted. All the boulders that are visible from the paved forest trail to Donarque from Albarracín, and the blocks within a radius of 30m around the shelters containing paintings. - Schedules.Forbidden to climb an hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset. In short, when there is no sunlight. - Minimize the use of magnesium and absolutely clean the Boulders after climbing. - Forbidden to make marks with magnesium. If you want to make a mark, do it with tape and do not forget to remove it when you have finished climbing. - Do not bring stray dogs, as dictated by the legislation of Protected Landscape Pinares of Roden. - No firing. The Forest Patrol have seen fire traces in many different roofs-boulders. - The restructuring of the Decree regulating Albarracín climbing is on the way to a total restriction proposed in areas with time restrictions (Peninsula, Psicokiller, Acantilados or Madriles, end of El Valle de la Madera sector and El Mirador). Waiting for a final solution the restrictions are from 10 January to 15 August. It is important to note that compliance with these standards is the minimum necessary for the situation worse. With this we play the closure of other sectors, or even a total ban on climbing in the area. The disclosure of this situation and the legislation is a task that can make everyone. Convey a positive and constructive actions that all we can to protect the environment and improve the image of climbers.