I need your help!

can someone tell me what FA, 2 GO, Trad means ? Thakns a lot !!!

Hello, FA is first ascent: a project (route) that has been redpointed for the first time. 2 GO: you tried the route a first time (onsight or flash) and don't succeed. The 2. GO you redpoint it. Trad means traditional: the route is not protected/ bolted, so you got to place your own gear.
Hello, does it makes any difference that you climb a route which is bolted but you have to put by your own the express (clips) ?  I can do a flash or an onsight in two ways...if the clips are already mounted or not.....and of course if i have to put also the clips the route is harder (for me :) ). Thanks for helping me to understand.  
this used to be considered differently (and a friend of mine used to take out all his quickdraws again before trying a "real" redpoint), but as there is a tendency to leave quickdraws in the hardest parts of very though routes for several weeks, months, years?, there is no more difference made if the quickdraws are preplaced or not.
Originally there was a determination in the styles called redpoint and pinkpoint. Pinkpoint means that the quickdraws are already clipped. IMO it isn't correct to consider this just the same as if you do a "real" redpoint and for me I still note the different styles. When do you call a route "traditional"? Only when it's completely not bolted? Or even if it has some bolts and have to protect the widest part of the route by yourself? 2nd go: if you don't succeed in your onsight / flash and after falling go on to the top, can you then still do a "2nd go" after that or do you have to quit after a fall without checking out the rest of the route?
wie bekomme ich den kompletten Link meiner Scorecard? bei mir steht nur wenn ich auf meiner Card bin. Danke Gruß