Mexico border

we are driving to mexico to climb and i want to know if any of you have any idea what they request at the border (us/mexico), regarding insurance , passeport, deposit for the car. And maybe some name of classic in the 5.12/13 range . Thanks.

It has been a while since I have been down to Mexico. (El Potrrero Chico) I remember needing a passport, birth certificate and requiring a car pass. I think it was a couple of bucks...nothing major. You don't need insurance but you want it! It is expencive for say 1 month so I thought I would be smart and get one days insurance to go down to the campground...which is safe by the way...and then buy one day to drive hmoe. Good plan right? One can't get insurance to come home when your down there! So we made a run for the border...which was a fairly brutal drive. (like 5.12 driving in Mexico) But all worked out in the end. I think I would get insurance for the whole time if I go you the option of going to different places too. People told me to check out yearly insurance...they say it is cheaper! Which makes no sence....but you might want to check it out? Anyhow, If you go to the Potrrero, go to the Surf Bowl. Awsome routes with super soth grades. Long, steep, tuffa pinching and jug hulling. Do Sufer Rosa and Nemo 13a and 13b. Super fun! Big Blue is good and is an extremly easy 13c if you would like. Hombre de Rifle is a great, long, tequnical face..13a or b on the Weekend Fin??? or somethiing Fin anyhow. There are some great 12's everywhere you go...I remember Conflict, Salty dog, and Fear of Flying being really good. Anyhow, hope some of this garble helps! have fun!