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Any idea where to boulder in Monteregie area in Quebec ?

Patrick Iseli
I am looking for some climbing or bouldering places in the Monteregie, QC area. Are there some Bloc's/climbing walls close to Rougemont, Mont.Saint Hillaire, Mont.Saint-Bruno or Mont Gregoire. Any feedback is appreciated

Roxane Ouellet (f)
There's probably some : go out with some friends and mats and search for lines.  Orford (exit 115 from highway 10) is well developped but closed until the end of July because of the falcons.  
Patrick Iseli
Thanks Roxane, I appreciate your feedback. I know Orford very good, but was looking for something more close to Montréals South-Shore. Who knows one day I will find something more closer ?
Aryane Bouchard
I have once been climbing routes (sport and trad) at Mont St-Gregoire, and I also heard from a guy I met that there were some boulders (but nothing amazing...). How ever, there is access issues and climbing is forbidden. Same with St-Hilaire, were there would probably be something to climb.