Green Canyons dos Aparados da Serra

Brazil – Country with lots of options   So many people think of Brazil as Rio or Salvador.  It’s really a lot more.  In fact, there is a four season Brazil in the south.  Maybe it doesn’t snow, but winter has a different feel to it.  It is lush and green year round, and offers the adventure tourist, especially the environmentally sensitive adventure tourist, a wealth of options.  My favorites, because I grew up with them and love to show them off, are the fabulous Green Canyons that divide Rio Grande and Santa Catarina which, because of their closeness, make a great add-on to a beach-centered Florianopolis vacation.  The Green Canyons offer 1000 meter walls that are exuberantly green, threaded with thin waterfalls that make for great rappelling.  But for those who want something a tad less challenging, there are treks to the floor as well.  And pools of diamond clear water dot the canyon floor.  The rim offers some great trekking and horseback riding as well.  And, like I said, it is close enough to combine with a trip to Floripa, the magic island of the 100 beaches, of wind- and kite-gliding, white water-rafting, para-gliding, dune-surfing, trekking, rock-climbing and more.  And when I show it, I try to make sure you get a strong dose of Southern Brazilian culture and our famous hospitality thrown in.  Come on down. Kind regards, Danilo