climbing Bahia

Hello all! I'm planing to go to Bahia in December .I know there is some climb possibility in the region of Chapada Diamantina, Can anyone tell me about the Boulders possibility there, where to find topos, books, informations , ..... ? thanks claude (switzerland)

Hey Claude! Innagood? There is a lot of climbing in Chapada Diamantina!!! In Lençois you wiil find some sport routes and boulders. And in Igatu climb a lot of boulders! You can find more information in this site: and  ask for more information on the forum of the site, live a messge there: People will help you there man! Trava fi!
Ola Claude! If you go to Lençois go to Fora da trilha and looking for Valadão (a friend of mine). He knows a lot about routes and boulders there. Igatu is the best place to do boulders...There you can ask about Beto, he has got a albergue near the boulder and routes. Enjoy!!! Paula 
Hello Claude, How are you? If you have intention to go further down in Rio or even the amazing Florianopolis - Magic Island I will be more than happy to help you out. Ir Rio you can check and In Florianopolis you can check Good Luck, Danilo