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Want a cheap house in the blue mnts over xmas holidays?

Helen Day (f)
Vince and I are going away from the start of dec till early feb. We live in central Katoomba only 2mins walk from the station, cafes and supermarkets. The house has 3 bedrooms and one has a climbing wall in it, but someone could sleep under there and theres also a sunroom.Theres a fenced back yard and dogs are welcome, so if your interested get in touch with me on here or at

Scott Milton
I might be coming downunder at the end of Nov til end of December or January, and might be interested in your pad. My one question though, is how hot is it in the Blueys at that time of the year? Can you climb hard, or is it too hot? Keep in mind that I am from Canada, and I melt in the heat! Can you take the train to the beach and surf spots? I have been there before, but had a rental car so I have no experience with the train system. How cheap is cheap?