Lipstick Roof Crack Davidson

At Davidson just up the road from Sissy Crag. Oppisit No 7 John Oxley road. With just a short 40m walk from rd. Is a really cool roof crack boulder problem. Perfect hand size. faily easy roof jaming. Nothing to technical, But the fall potential pulling around the lip is considerable comitting. Conferdence is important. Id reckon about V 4 or 5. Its hard to grade something like that. Crux would be the head space factor. In the Syd Bouldering Guide Book it says that it hasn't been done. that was 6 yrs ago. I would be amazed that nobody has sent it before. it a good intro to jaming. as there are  very few good crack around the Sydney area. Just in case it hasn't We would call it the Crack Navigator V4/5. For somebody that doesnt drive or live around sydney. Its a mission to nogotiate around road works and traffic. At the Fear Factory There is a couple of cracks to the left of Frankenstein Arete from memory. I wondering is there any History behind these features??? Keep enjoying the rock out there. Thanks from Jason.