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Directions to XXXX

Quinn Cretney-Ross
Heysies, Anyone happen to know precise directions to XXXX in Mt Vic? After another fruitless attempt at finding a lovely bunch of pebbles in blackheath i've finally given in... (as to why i'm trying bouldering in the mountains thats another story, and no, medlow cave is not good.) Regards.

Rob Lebreton
Go to Zig Zag at Mt Vic and walk (or drive) down to the lower carpark. From the carpark head toward the cliff and slightly right and you should pick up the clifftop track. Follow it till it drops down into a little gully and continues around the base of the little upper cliff-line. Around the corner is XXXX. Have fun, Quinn!
Quinn Cretney-Ross
Thanks heaps Rob, it saves me having to bumble through the bush while constantly thinking "hmmmm i swear it was around here somewhere" .