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11 days in Australia - Melbourne and Sydney

Hu Hu
Hello.  I will be just 11 days in Australia. I hope, to spend some time around blocks :) I have question about You Yangs, is it posible to bouldering there? Grampians will be too far for me (work, Australian Open), so I'm interested in You Yangs. Is there any topo for this spot?  I will be also 1-2 days in Sydney, so I am thinking about Frontline... (same, any topos). Please help, and thanks for any sugestions... Bye,  Mike

Phil Neville
There is bouldering at the you yangs but its all pretty crappy. Best bet is Cobaws/camels hump which is out towards bendigo, maybe 1.5hrs from Melbourne. No topos though, well, not for bouldering anyway. has some good info on how to get to these areas.
Hu Hu
Thanx :)))