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New website and topo for Maltatal in Austria 2018-07-26 Comments: 0 
Gerhard Schaar, Rote Wand  ©  Rainer Eder Stefan Köchel, Imperator  ©  Sam Strauss Gerhard Schaar, Hochsteg  ©  Rainer Eder Paul Robinson, The Source  ©  Stefan Köchel New website and topo for Maltatal in Austria The world
New website and topo for Maltatal in Austria 2018-07-26 Comments: 0 
Gerhard Schaar, Rote Wand  ©  Rainer Eder Stefan Köchel, Imperator  ©  Sam Strauss Gerhard Schaar, Hochsteg  ©  Rainer Eder Paul Robinson, The Source  ©  Stefan Köchel New website and topo for Maltatal in Austria The world
Injury Prevention 2018-03-30 Comments: 0 
Living and working in Laos Growth plate fracture Injury Prevention in Rock Climbing and Bouldering By Volker and Isabelle Schöffl – Sportsmedicine Bamberg Isabelle and Volker Schöffl are both active climbers and medical doctors. Both have done first ascents up to french 8b, many of them in Laos and Thailand.
The Rise of Women-Only Climbing Events 2017-09-30 Comments: 0 
More and more females are pushing the limits of our sport not only athletically but also professionally. Now there are women route setters, women managing climbing gyms, and women only climbing events put on by and for women! We think such equality is a cause for celebration and have interviewed a top female route setter from the US, Sarah Filler, about her thoughts on the topic.
Luis Rodriguez Martin in regards to training with Patxi Usobiaga 2017-09-18 Comments: 0 
The otherday on 8a we posted a video of Patxi Usobiaga, Klemen Becan and Luis RodriguezMartin climbing in Ceuse. We’ve interviewed Luis (previously he has beenmentioned on 8a for his first 9a redpoint) about his training over the pastthree years with Patxi. 1.      
Skalná sezóna 2016 2017-03-16 Comments: 0 
O roku 2016 sa mnohí vyjadrovali ako o najhoršom vôbec a boli radi, keď sa konečne skončil. Teraz v marci máme už takmer tretinu nového roka za sebou a na starý sa už skoro zabudlo, no ja by som vám ho rád pripomenul, lebo čo sa lezenia týka, nedá sa povedať, že by bol neúspešným. Na skalkách a boul
Luis Rodríguez Martín encandena su primer 9a 2016-11-22 Comments: 0 
Luis Rodríguez Martín, un escalador malagueño que apenas lleva seis años con el deporte, se hace con su primer 9a, Mandanga Total. La vía se encentra en Villanueva del Rosario, en la famosa cueva de Chilam Balam. Hoy nos cuenta un poco sobre sí mismo, sobre la vía y sus planes para el futuro.“Empecé
Skin care by Climbskin 2016-09-21 Comments: 0 
1. Introduction  Hands are our direct connection with the rock, they allow us to perceive it in a special way. A well-cared skin – with calluses, yes, buteven and springy ones – will dramatically improve our sensations, making adifference in our performance when climbing.  No need for e
Father and son win a Great Wall in Brazil 2016-09-14 Comments: 0 
Father and son win a Great Wall in Brazil, in Espirito Santo state, near Pedra Riscada, the Brazilian Paradise, from where endless possibilities of new climbing routes arises. On a 630 meters wall, born a route called "Spirit of the Gerais", check out the full story of this adventure on Edemilson Pa
Jon Cardwell does Biographie after 10 years and 75 tries 2016-05-26 Comments: 0 
(c) Matty Hong "Climbing means so many different things to me. It's an outlet for self expression, a vehicle to travel the worth with and experience incredible places. It's also a wise teacher that holds you accountable for every action from your footprint at fragile crags to your preparation for meaningful climbs.
Angie Scarth-Johnson 2016-05-01 Comments: 0 
  ANGIE SCARTH-JOHNSON By Ignacio Sandoval Burón & Elda Rodríguez Sela First contact I had with Angie and her family was last year when I chatted with her mum, Claudia, when Carlos Logroño 'Citro' rung me and put me in contact with them. He knew that we wanted to speak t
Outdoor Research's DEVIATOR HOODY 2016-02-28 Comments: 0 
Outdoor Research's Deviator Hoody By Esteban Diez Fernández & Ignacio Sandoval Burón Throughout thispast year we’ve been using several OutdoorResearch  items ofclothing as we have previously informed you about in several  reviews (* see links at the end of thisarticle) .
Lisabon - A future destination 2016-02-23 Comments: 5 
Sintra Cascais 5 REASONS TO MAKE PORTUGAL YOUR NEXT CLIMBING TRIP The people of Portugal, though resolutely proud of their beautiful country, humorously refer to their nation as  "O nosso cantinho de Espanha"  which literally means,  our small corner by the sea .
Alexander Megos 2016-01-11 Comments: 0 
  ALEXANDER MEGOS By Ignacio Sandoval Burón Alex Megos ended the 2015 writing the following in the social media:  "My first highlight of 2015 was 'Lucid Dreaming' my first ever 8C (V15). With 'Supernova' 9a+/b I did my HARDEST first ascent ever. TODAY! On my LAST GO o
NEW Boreal Kintaro 2015-11-02 Comments: 0 
Boreal KINTARO II By Ignacio Sandoval Burón & Esteban Diez Fernández Developed from the first version of the Kintaro, which we had previouslywritten about a few years ago , this latest version has a few novelties we’dlike to point out after having tried them for a period of six months.
Il Capitano - by Alex Huber 2015-10-23 Comments: 0 
ILCAPITANO 8b+ trad by Alexander Huber (47) IlSelvaggio Blu - the wild 50 kilometer stretch between Cala Gonone andSanta Maria Navarrese - is one of the best coastlines Italy has tooffer and is quite simply unique. Here in eastern Sardinia the islandoften soars vertically out of the sea. Large sea cliffs, small walls,broken by small coves and their famous, sandy beaches.
Outdoor Research's ASTROMAN shirt 2015-08-10 Comments: 0 
OR's ASTROMAN shirt   The Astroman shirt from the Seattle brand Outdoor Research is a concept created by the famous north american climber, Hans Florine who is used to suffering long sunny days in the numerous pitches of Yosemite walls.&n
Barbara Zangerl after sending 3 of her hardest routes 2015-06-21 Comments: 0 
BARBARA ZANGERL after sending 3 of her hardest routes By Ignacio Sandoval Burón The last month for Barbara Zangerl has basically been about hard sport climbing, being able to send 3 of her hardest routes to date. First to conquer was  'Schwarzer Schwan', 8c in Ötztal; then, at
Joe Kinder roadtripping Norway 2015-05-26 Comments: 0 
Joe Kinder roadtripping with photographer Henning Wang in Norway ending in Flatanger My first experience was last Flatanger in September 2014 and I quickly fell in love. The climbing is to die for and the ambiance and quality of life here was another thing I noticed. That trip was successful for me as I sent everything I wanted to.
Preparation for your next climbing trip 2015-05-14 Comments: 0 
Best preperation for your next climbing trip,   by Bonita Norris - RocUp.UK Kalymnos (c) N Smallios Sierra Blair-Coyle (c) Jackie Sterna Magnus Midtbö (c) Henning Wang Alexander Megor (c) Ken Etzl, Red Bull Ben West (c) Si Rawlingson
Tenaya's Tarifa 2015-05-08 Comments: 0 
Tenaya's Tarifa By Esteban Diez Fernández & Ignacio Sandoval Burón 8a.nu has been collaborating with TENAYA  for a while and for the last 5 months we've been trying out their 2 top-performance shoes, 'Tarifa' and 'Oasi'. This time we're going to inform you on what we've
Railay Beach Additions 2015-01-23 Comments: 0 
This will be gone once the new hotel is set up. LAO LIANG ISLAND KO YAO NOI ISLAND -  CHONG PLI, below CHICKEN ISLAND Railay Beach Additions, by  Michael Weitsman and Björn Alber Even before  the work to put a wall around the interior part of Tonsa
Usobiaga Zlagboard interview 2015-01-15 Comments: 0 
Celebrating 9a's with Adam Ondra During the recovery, surfing was the focus. Training on the Zlagboard Patxi Usobiaga, one of the greatest climbers in the history both on rock and plastic who lately has been training Adam Ondra, gives some thoughts about training. Between 2010 and 2012, he did not train climbing after a car accident but now he is back doing 9a again.
Nacho Sánchez about 'Crisis' 8C/+ 2014-12-30 Comments: 0 
Nacho Sánchez about 'Crisis' 8C/+ By Ignacio Sandoval Burón & Esteban Diez Fernández Pic from Boreal webpage . Last Friday, Nacho Sánchez  sent his long awaited project in Crevillente, 'Crisis' , grading it as an 8C/+. After two and a half years of effo
Boreal's Satori 2014-12-27 Comments: 0 
Satori de Boreal By Esteban Diez Fernández & Ignacio Sandoval Burón Pic from Boreal webpage . Third and last installment of the reviews we've been carrying out on the new Boreal  climbing shoes collection . This time it's the turn of the most technical out of the three, the Satori.
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