Luis Rodriguez Martin in regards to training with Patxi Usobiaga


Monday, 18 September

The other day on 8a we posted a video of Patxi Usobiaga, Klemen Becan and Luis Rodriguez Martin climbing in Ceuse. We’ve interviewed Luis (previously he has been mentioned on 8a for his first 9a redpoint) about his training over the past three years with Patxi.

1.      What has three years of training with Patxi taught you?

The most important things I’ve learned from training with Patxi have been to give myself short and long term objectives, always have a goal and fight to obtain all of these! This is the way I keep my motivation constant and enjoy the journey.

2.      In the video you mention that you will try Biographie in the future. Why Biographie?

When I started my obsession with climbing I couldn’t stop watching videos of routes all around the world, and Biographie is the route that stuck with me the most. I must have watched Patxi’s video more than 100 times and 4 years later there I was in Ceuse belaying him on the route, 13 years after he had done it, I would have never thought! It’s the most aesthetic line I’ve ever seen… everything from its color, its holds, its movement. If there ever was a perfect route, it’s got to be Biographie. I didn’t try it this time but it left me wanting to.

3.      What motivates you more, outside climbing or training?

Normally I train 4 days a week combined with two days of outside climbing since I can’t get outside more because of my job. But even if I had more time I think I would train because I love to suffer! Thanks to Patxi, I am always able to organize my training so that I’m in good shape for my trips. But after so many days of outside climbing on trips, I feel like I have to get back home and train so that I can come back in better shape! It’s a cycle that always repeats itself… you always want just a little more.

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