The highlights of the season is often the onsights during your travel. Here are some quick technical and tactical tips that might increase the joy, adrenaline and your score. 1. Route reading: 5 minutes is mandatory and also to present and discuss your strategy with your friend. 2. No Eliminations: Never think, "Is that hold allowed?" 3. Fast: Do not hesitate, take chances and you will get less pumped and you will be able to climb/send more. Every time you get super pump your daily potential performance is reduced. 4. Tick List: Check which routes are onsight friendly and if they have been done by climbers of your size. 5. "One more hold": It is easy to mentally give up if you wasted a lot of energy in the beginning. No thinking approach means just focus on the next sequence. 6. Look Down - Visualize/Rest: Onsight climbing is stressful as your head and eyes are like a submarine periscope. By often looking down you have time to rest, sort the information and memorize the next sequence.

“What an opportunity to discover a place like this! PEN-HIR! La Bretagne! Climbing above the ocean with so much atmosphere is not something I'm used to. I love being able to repeat these historic routes, which by the way, are sometimes tricky, with a rock type dependent on the weather conditions. I …

8A+ by Mina Leslie-Wujastyk

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk has done Barefoot on Sacred Ground 8A+ in Hueco Tanks. "Low end V12 but such a good problem, especially with the spicy direct top out! Very satisfying and scary at the same time!" During the last three weeks Mina has done nine 7C+ and harder in Hueco Tanks. In total, she has done 37 boulders 8A and harder.

More than 500 crags and sector topos are now possible to down load in the Topo App available both for IPhones and Android. Here is the link to create more Left-to-Right Topos. Try it out, it just takes like 10-15 minutes to sort a crag/sector with 50 climbs. We can also provide you with a special log-in in order to first do some spell checking, merging routes and add more sectors to a crag. Everyone who spend a couple of hours will get an 8A La Sportiva T-shirt.

CAC - A great success story for John and the climbing community

Climbers Against Cancer and John Ellison won the "Winners" award of Social awareness at ISPO. In just 12 months, CAC has raised 230 000 Euro out of which 40 000 have already been donated to research facilities in Australia, France and Canada. Here is a new 8a interview with founder John Ellison. "CAC is totally a non profit organisation and every penny raised goes towards the fundraising efforts. No one is paid and no money is used for any of the administration. Anyone who helps with the project does so on a voluntary basis (myself included) and quite often at a cost to themselves.

First Round, First Minute 9b by Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra has done Chris Sharma's First Round, First Minute 9b in Margalef which took him 9-10 days. "Next is some unfinished business in Finestra (also Margalef) and than we are moving further...close to Oliana," says photographer (c) Vojtech Vrzba." Henning Wang did film the ascent. Interview at PlanetMountain. Like previous years, Adam took three weeks off from climbing during Christmas break and after that he has been training for three weeks and arrived to Margalef 25/1. They will return to Czech Republic 12/2 so another week to go before picking up his University studies. In 2014, Adam will do some Boulder WC's and the whole Lead circuit.

8A+ by Katharina Saurwein

Katharina Saurwein has done her seventh 8A+, Lethal Design in Red Rocks. "After figuering out the beta and trying it for three days, I managed to climb 'Lethal design', a beautiful, crimpy power endurance problem. First 8a+ of the season." Last year Katharina was #6 in the Boulder WC after having been Top-10 in all the eight WC's. The Austrian has been a successful competition climber since 2002 and in 2006 she won the Youth World Championship and in 2008, she won a Lead WC. In 2014, she will do all Boulder WC's.