Who is your female climbing hero?


Who is your female climbing hero?

Based on 1 900 votes, we did get some pretty interesting results in comparison to the male results. Six of the Top-10 are active competition climbers and the rest are 40+ or just being 12 years old. 32 % Lynn Hill (52) 8a article from 2010 14 % Sasha Digiulian (20) 10 % Josune Bereziartu (40) 07 % Ashima Shiraishi (11) 06 % Alex Puccio, Anna Stöhr, Catherine Destivelle (53) 05 % Mina Markovic 04 % Shauna Coxsey 03 % Jain Kim 07 % Other (2% Nina Caprez)


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Garnbret wants strict BMI rules in 2023

In a 40 min interview at the IFSC Climbing Summit, Janja Garnbret was very straightforward about BMI testing. She referred to a survey in Innsbruck where it later was stated that: 16 % of female athletes have no menstruation and 22 % reported that they currently struggle with an eating disorder. …

Schubert and Ondra on Project Big

What does Project Big mean to you? I’d say, Flatanger is the Yosemite of sports climbing. It’s the rock quality, the potential, the number of difficult routes, it’s simply extraordinary. It’s a beautiful place looking over the fjords to the sea, the cave is massive, it’s steep, offers so many hard r…

Janja Garnbret interview

“Everybody wants to have a world champion at 16, and a long career. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, but I’m seeing too much pressure put on younger athletes, and an increasing number of injuries because to this.”"Do we want to raise the next generation of skeletons?"


8b+ by  Alizée Dufraisse


8b+ by Alizée Dufraisse

Alizée Dufraisse has done El mon de Sofia 8b+ in Siurana and here is the video. In 2013, she will not do any World Cups and instead focus on hard projects. In Siurana she has previously done three routes 8c+ or harder and now her projects are Broadway 8c+/9a and El Pati 8c+.


Add climbs via your mobile

Several climbers have asked us to create a simple mode for adding routes more quickly also using your mobile. Just click "Add Via Mobile" and you will save a lot of time and possible money for adding your ascents directly at the crag.