Wednesday, 14 April

Old-school Smith vs Chris Lindner

Tomi Lamprecht (38) started climbing when he was 4 and is one of the few that has pushed the limits of climbing in routes, boulders, multi-pitch and DWS. In 2009, he put up an 8C+ boulder. Interview from last year by Ignacio Sandoval Burón and Toni's curriculum.


Saturday, 13 March

Toni Lamprecht presentation


Thursday, 18 February

ABS Nationals


Tuesday, 9 February

Chris Webb Parsons in Hueco Tanks

James Kassay has done Pretty Hate Machine, 8B+ in Grampians. It is a 25?m roof in the Hollow mountain Cave. The youtube below is from Sleepy rave, 8C in the same cave. This is Speed bouldering at it's best :-) Here is a list of all the other hard core boulders in the cave. It was Klem Loskot and Fred Nicole who put up the first FA 10 years ago.


Tuesday, 26 January

8B+ by James Kassay