Gui-Gui does Supertanker, 8B+ in Font


20 December 2012

Yesterday, Gui-Gui completed his long-term project, Supertanker in very average conditions. This boulder, opened by Antoine Vandeputte in 2007, takes the "Big Golden" boulder and traverse it from left to right (around 8A in itself), to get to the start of Artresie (8A too). This may be the hardest problem in the 'Big 5' square. Commenting his ascent, Guillaume tells that this problem was very beta-intensive for him, and that linking everything right took him quite some time. Trust him, the guy has done Artresie in itself around 50 times now, and still fell many times after the crux. More info in French AND english on Guillaume's blog The Video of the send :

Supertanker 8B+, Fontainebleau from guittooo on Vimeo.

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