Zàhéér Ahmád almost made the Olympic dream


2 September 2019

Zàhéér Ahmád from Pakistan got an invitation from IFSC who paid part of the trip and all the hotel costs for him participating in the Hachioji World Championship. What they forgot to say is that if he would have participated in all three disciplines, he would probably have gotten an invitation to Tokyo 2020, being the only Tripartite candidate competing. The Pakistani, who participated in Speed (26.37) and Lead (1+*) in Xiamen in 2016, did only start in Boulder (no zone) and Speed (false start) in Hachioji. His personal best is 7.95 in Speed. "I never played any sport in my school and in college career. I started Rock Climbing as a first sports in 2013 in my university life and we had our first sport climbing national facility in end of 2017, where we started our practice for international events without coach and physio, just eight guys with manual belay and manual timing. We were sent to China for training which help us a lot. Most of the time we are trying to just gather four persons; one for climb, one for timer and two for belaying. It's hard for me to gather four climbers among the 8 serious climbers in Pakistan. How does it feel knowing that if you had just participated in Lead you would probably have made it to Tokyo 2020? I am training speed climbing five days a week for almost two years now with a long term goal in my mind to make it to Paris 2024. Our resources are very limited with not even an auto-belay and auto-timer yet i like it. We are few guys training hard to improve and it was an honor for me to be selected for Hachioji. I am devastated if i just participated in Lead my dream would come true, which would definitely changed my life forever. I really hope my federation can ask IFSC why they forget to mention such an amazing and unique tripartite quota and if it would be still possible to make it to Tokyo. I appreciate this idea of giving opportunity to athletes for minor Olympic countries can make their dream come true. * It was actually his friend who climbed but he had taken the wrong starting number :)

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