Warrior 8C FA by Martin Stranik

Tuesday, 16 February

Martin Stranik, #2 in the World Championship of 2007, has done his eleventh 8C, namely the FA of Warrior in Labské Údolí. (c) Jakub Fric

"Brutal endurance boulder around 23 moves, no really hard move but also no easy move. Kind of connection of three 8A+/B boulders with little rest between. In total it took me 4 days. Two on the separate parts and two more to connect them. It was about minus 4°C but the windchill was bit lower cause of gentle wind."

How did you warm up and keep your fingers warm?
"I was warming up on some easier boulders just for few minutes and then warming up on the moves of project, repeating moves, sections. I think it is a lot about your head. When motivation is high it is easier to climb outside in winter. Also, the type of holds is important, there were no small crimps which make climbing rough because of blood supply in fingers."

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