The Swarm 8B by Alex Johnson

3 April 2021

Alex Johnson, who did her first 8A, out of 23, in 2008 has done her second 8B, The Swarm in Buttermilks. "I’ve tried The Swarm several times over the last 10 years. My first trip out to project I spent 3 months trying it, and in the years that followed, each time I went, I got more and more discouraged. Taking a few years away from it was the best thing I could have done for my mental game. Part of me wondered if I’d ever go back..... but I’m really glad I did!! We went up 6 days this trip, but I was only able to climb 4 days due to GNARLY WINDS." (c) Bree Robles

Alex has won two World Cups, the latest in 2010 when she was #4 overall. She stopped competing in 2015 but was on it again last year when she tried to make the Olympics and her best result was #7 in Bouldering.

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Sever The Wicked Hand 9a by Illya Bakhmet-Smolensky (17)

24 September 2022

Sever The Wicked Hand 9a by Illya Bakhmet-Smolensky (17)

Illya Bakhmet-Smolenskyi, who last year did three 9a's, has done Sever The Wicked Hand (9a) in Frankenjura. "Probably a bit too easy for 9a, but still pretty p…

La force tranquille 8C and an 8C (B+) by Nico Pelorson

27 September 2022

La force tranquille 8C and an 8C (B+) by Nico Pelorson

Nico Pelorson has done and Practice of the Wild 8C (B+) in Magic Wood. There are videos of both sends on his Insta as well as many other recently done ascents.…

Delirium 8C by Noah Wheeler

18 September 2022

Delirium 8C by Noah Wheeler

Noah Wheeler has done Delirium (8C) at Mt Evans. The 20-year-old started bouldering outdoors only in 2020 as until then focused on competition. "After doing W…



29 October 2008

8A again by Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson has done Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, 8A in Poudre Canyon. Alex who won the World Cup in Vail this year is #3 in the 8a ranking.


29 April 2009

7C+ flash by Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson has flashed Kelley traverse, 7C+ in Horsetooth. Alex is #2 in the 8a world ranking. (It should be pointed out that once we select to publish news like this we assume that they have not been using a traverse grade, which thinks is illogical and unnecessary)


5 June 2009

Boulder World Cup, Vail

Alex Johnson who is #2 in the 8a ranking and who won in Vail last year, won the qualification by flashing all the five problems. In 2008, she won the qualification, ended fourth in the semi beforing winning the final. Results online Six guys did flash all problems.