2 February 2024

The routes 5a to 6c+ with the most logged ascents

There are over 8.2 million ascents in the 8a database that could assist you in finding the best routes to try. Here's the list of the most popular routes from 5A to 6c+.

Isolation (6c+) in Frankenjura - 819 ascents (c) Maren Riedel
Frapogalo (6c) in Kalymnos - 875
Atena (6b+) in Kalymnos - 911
Carpe Diem (6b) in Kalymnos - 991
Monahiki Elia (6a+) in Kalymnos - 1 002
Komin Lechfora (6a) in Rzędkowice - 627
Rój Hektora (5c+) in Sokoliki - 537
Dulferek (5c) in Dolina Będkowska - 420
Oszołomiony oszołom (5b) in Podzamcze - 326
Domowe przedszkole (5a) in Dolina Szklarki - 368
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