The last Emperor 8A+ and an 8A by Emelie Gerhardt

24 January 2023

Emelie Gerhardt, who last year did some ten 8A boulders, reports on Insta that she, during the first climbing day of 2023, sent The last emperor (8A+) and The Great Walk in Babylon (8A) in Val Calanca. (c) Julius Westphal

Could you tell us more about the ascents? Did you actually do them both in just one session?
We have been in this sector back in 2020 and I was climbing the 8A boulder on the right side of the block in one day. I did not try „The last emperor“ but it shares the first three intro moves. I just watched my boyfriend Julius. So yesterday I checked out the moves for the first time and send it the same day. „The great walk in Babylon “ is in another sector where we have been for the first time yesterday. I was able to climb it after checking out the moves.

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