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Tendon Master Pro 9.2 best handling vs safety 

Click to Enlarge PictureTendon Master Pro 9.2 is the best rope we have ever tested when it comes to feeling secure with the old GriGri at the same time you can feed out as fast as you want. As it never gets stuck, it becomes safer in comparison to other thin ropes because you do not need to push down the locking mechanism.

The GriGri is supposed to be used for ropes 10 mm or thicker but we have all experimented with smaller diameter to get better handling. The trade off between safety and handling has actually sometimes created ground falls. Normally, I am a bit afraid to let my wife or other not so experienced climber belay me with 9.2 millimeter rope, as normally such thin ropes do not lock 100 % before it has been used for some days.

We actually had to ask Tendon if they could come up with an answer why it never gets stuck when feeding out at the same time it always lock. "There is a new type of sheath which combines classic tandem and SBS system of braiding. Very smooth and great rope handling is the result."

Technical data
sheath slippage (%) 0,3
CE 1019 ano
rope diameter (mm) 9.2
number of UIAA falls min 9
max. impact force (kN) 9,1
static elongation (%) 9,1
dynamic elongation (%) 31
knotability 1
EN 892 ano
weight (g/m) 58