Stranger in a strange land 8A+ and two 8A's by Alex Puccio

Monday, 6 July

Alex Puccio has had a great day up at the Hallet in RMNP, doing Stranger in a strange land 8A+ located at 3 700 meter. Since May, the 31-year-old has done 20 boulders 8A to 8B+ and the runner up in the world championship in 2014 is #1 in the female ranking game which she has been for almost seven years straight. (c) Robin O'Leary

"I tried this boulder one day when I was 20 years old so 11 years ago and fell on the last move. Went back for the first time since then today and sent 2nd try from the start! Also sent the other 2 V11’s on the wall really quick today as well! Great day out! Full value up there!!!" The two 8A's she refers to are, Bring the ruckus and Traverse into fireball, the latter she did second go.

The hike isn’t too long, like 1.5 hours, but the last 40 minutes is straight uphill on smaller loose rocks and there isn’t really a trail. Sometimes there is a little social trail or some cairns that will mark the “easier” way. Lol

It’s this HUGE boulder at the base of this big-wall, that people climb, and sits right on top of this huge hill with a little stream that kind of flows around the boulder and comes into a waterfall that flows down the cliff face and ends into a Emerald lake. The climbs on the boulder are of top quality and really fun. There is even a 5.13b sport route on the boulder. Lol It’s for sure one of the best blocks in RMNP because of everything it has to offer, the hike, the view, the climbing, all of it!”

On her Insta, she comes forward what it really meant to her;

"Our brains are what makes us, us, so they are extremely important so treat it with great care! I am a person that suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, sometimes out of know where it feels like, and I know when I have been in a constant state of anxiety for weeks inside I need to find a mentally happy and stable place to calm down and recharge my mind. For me to be able to face tough situations again I need to be in a good and healthy state of mind! ☺️ For me, being out in the mountains alone with my best friend, @robinoleary, is my personal sanctuary and recharging station. I can then show back up ready for what life has for us to face. I am then ready to help and be present!"

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