Stefan Scherz onsights Coque au Vin (8b+)

29 May 2023

Stefan Scherz, who last year was #4 in a Lead World Cup, has onsighted Coque au Vin (8b+) in Zillertal. In 2021, the 21-year-old did his first 9a+ and when it comes to onsight, the competition climber's previous onsight best was one 8a+ from 2020. As a junior, Stefan has won Euro Youth Cups in both Lead and Boulder. (c) C Highland Production

Can you tell us more about your personal best onsight?
I always try to squeeze in some time outdoors in between the comps. I went to Bergstation, probably the best spot to climb hard in Austria, with the intention of making some goes in my project, Companion of Change (9a+). I quickly realized that it’s too warm for these nasty crimps, so I thought it would be a good idea to try to onsight something hard. Coque au vin is a beautiful, 35-meter-long and pumpy 8b+, which I never tried before. So I hopped in it and found myself on the top. Super psyched to climb something that hard on my first go. The onsight itself didn’t feel too hard. It consists of two hard sequences, which suited me quite well. I quickly passed them and made sure that nothing was going to happen at the top. It wasn’t the biggest of fights so I think I can onsight harder.

What's coming up next?
Next things up are the upcoming World Cups. I plan on doing the BWC in Brixen and all of the LWCs this year. And of course, have some quality time on the rocks!

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