8 April 2022

Siegrist keeps peaking by doing a third 9a (+) in two weeks

Jonathan Siegrist, who in just the last two weeks has done two 9a (+), has sent La Novena Enmienda 9a (+) in Santa Linya. "What a journey!! Feels pretty bad ass to climb all of the way up the gut of this monster cave. Got full-body-worked on the send for sure. 9a/+" (c) Cameron Maier

So you did your first 9a at age 24 and now at 36, it seems you are peaking? Could you elaborate a bit on your late blooming progress?
I worked really hard for the last four years to address some of my weaknesses with training and also with the projects I choose outside which definitely helped me make some progression! Also as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to be more patient, rest more, and take really good care of myself. But ultimately it’s not much about how ‘strong’ I am (actually I am super weak when compared to top climbers!), it’s more about just prioritizing being outside and climbing on rock "a muerte" as much as possible. Power is for sure my main weakness. I’m okay at static strength but true power is very hard for me. At least I think that’s the right answer… Climbing is such a mystery, I still have a lot to learn.
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