Shadow Walker 8B+ by Isabelle Faus

23 November 2021

Isabelle Faus, who previously has done five 8B+, has send Shadow Walker 8B (+) in Swissco. Fausey has been one of the best female boulderers for many years and when it comes to FAs, she is #1 with at least six boulders 8B and harder.

How was the process taking it down?
Was a good process, took awhile to do it but I was okay with that. first really hard thing for me after I hurt my finger in January. very very technical tricky thing that feels impossible at first. It took prolly 4 days before I felt like it was maybe something I could actually do. Then another 5ish days to actually do it.. it was nice to throw my self into something that was gonna take a lot of work. I’ve kinda learned to like the suffering/failing part of projecting. it was so fun and I’m super grateful for the experience.

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22 January 2013

Dark Horse 4 Championship

1. Daniel Woods - Isabelle Faus 2. Nick Piccarella - Angie Payne 3. Paul Robinson - Meagan Martin 4. Carlo Traversi - Chelsea Rude 5. James Webb - Annalisa Flynn Complete results