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Second female ascent to Solaris 8A+ in Baltzola by Itziar Zabala (22) and jumps from 7C+ to 8A+ 

Itziar Zabala (22) has an untypical background. She is possibly the first woman ever to jump from 7C+ to 8A+. And that has happened in the late 2016 with Solaris 8A+ in Baltzola, Spain, which had a FFA by legendary Josune Beraziartu in 2003, first woman to climb 9a/a+. The problem was established ages ago and always has been a solid 8A+, sent by many of the best climbers of Spain. Note that also Itziar did her first 8a route when she was 15 years old. After Solaris, she did also her first 8A's few weeks ago, Harrobi and Atreyu both in Albarracín, Spain.

What was your hardest problem sent before Solaris?
I used to climb indoors a lot; comps and I just have done easier grades up to 7C+.
Do you follow any training program and what is your project for 2017?
Last year I trained a lot in the local gym with a training program, but nowadays I haven't trained in the last 6 months, just climbing outdoors. Projects? Just travel and climb!