Scoglio di Capri 8c by Jana Messner

3 May 2022

Jana Messner has done her third 8c, Scoglio di Capri in Bus di vela. "I tried it one year ago once (it was the first 8c I have tried), but it felt like a lot of work and at that moment I wasn't really motivated for a bigger project. This year I returned to the crag and it went surprisingly good the first time. On the first day of trying, I fell at the crux at the beginning but climbed from that point to the top. I returned two days later and sent the whole route🙌 ."

What is your climbing background?
I grew up in Villnöss, South Tyrol and joined the competition team in Brixen, when I was six, and the South Tyrolean team a few years later. I was part of the National youth team of Italy during my youth categories and took part in World Youth Championships, European Championships and Italian Championships. I was able to win the youth Italian Championship in Lead in 2019 and make some semifinals at World and European Youth Championships in Lead. During my competition years, I realised that climbing outdoors fulfils me with way more joy than competitions could do and I started climbing outdoors at the age of 14.

Are you related to the legend Reinhold Messner?
He actually grew up in the same village as I did and my Grandma, was somehow related to his mother. But basically, every second person in Villnöß is called Messner😂.

What are your summer plans?
It will be the first summer in a while where I will be at home quite a lot...I'm going to work at the climbing gym and make the climbing camps for the July I will go to south France (probably Ceuse), after that 2 weeks in Switzerland working on a mountain hut, then finishing the instructor for sport climbing...and the rest climbing I guess...really looking forward to climb a lot in Landro, South Tyrol this summer😁

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