9 October 2023

Samuel Ometz does X Integral (9a+)

Samuel Ometz has sent X integral (9a+) in Gottreux, which was put up by Dylan Chuat in July. "It finally worked! Such a great variety of grips and climbing styles. Flat crimps and power endurance at the start, medium rest, hard compression boulder on open grips, bad rest, pinchy boulder, top. Lost count of the number of days, ~20-30 counting the tries in the shocker (9a) and Satire (8c+)."

Can you tell us more about this line?
X Integral is a combination of 'Satire' and 'The schocker'. The shocker is the 1st route I tried and which took 5 days this year. Then I tried and climbed 'les boules à Berty', 'bad reputation' and 'satire' in the next ~10 sessions. Then focused on 'X integral' for the next ~15 sessions. All together this cliff kept me busy most of the summer which was great! I really hope that other strong climbers will come as the routes are really good, is easily accessible and has many days of good conditions even in the summer heat :)
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