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Paul Robinson in Ticino fighting icicles 

"Some days were quite cold! Many of them were 0 or even below. I would use hand warmers and foot warmers to keep my hands and feet warm. When i was resting I would put my climbing shoes in my jacket to keep them warm. I would also take longer breaks and walk around to keep warm.

It was very tough to warm up! The rock is very cold but a nice wood board is perfect for getting the fingers warmed up. I always warm up with my shoes in my jacket so they stay warm. When I am at home in USA, I have a portable gas heater that only weighs about 2.5 kilos and is great for cold days. It lasts for about 6 hours and put out really nice hot air. I sit in front of it and it puts out nice warm air. it really heats up the area around the heater around 1 meter or so. Most hardcore bouldrers in USA use them."