Pain makes me stronger 8c+ by Chiara Hanke

25 June 2022

Chiara Hanke reports on Insta that she has done Pain makes me stronger, every day! (8c+) in Frankenjura. "I have to say that this route felt relatively easy for me, compared to the routes "Psychotherapie" 8c and "New Orleans Heavy Weight Division 8c, which I climbed both a few days ago. I personally would suggest the grade 8b+/c, but I would like to point out that the difficulty is very subjective and I don't want to devalue the incredibly cool climbing or the performance of others in any way or form. " (c) Cristoph Hanke

In 2019, she become the first female in Frankenjura to do a 9a, Sever the Wicked Hand commenting. ”I started climbing at the age of 13 after a shoulder surgery. Before that I was passionate about wakeboarding. Actually I just wanted to get fit for wakeboarding again quickly. A climbing hall had opened around the corner from me at the time. That was so much fun for me that I stayed with it. Then everything went very fast: competitions, member of the national team, more competitions. I didn‘t get to really climb outside until the end of 2017, when I started climbing again after a knee injury lasting almost 3 months. That was a lot of fun for me and motivation! In 2018 I only climbed outside besides training. Wallstreet was certainly a highlight of it. For me it was and still is important to climb many routes and climbb in general. I really don't like to try routes to often. Then I have the feeling not to climb any more and I miss just doing moves."

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Change 9b+ by Seb Bouin - updated

8 August 2022

Change 9b+ by Seb Bouin - updated

Sebastien Bouin reports on Insta that he has done Change (9b+) in Flatanger. (c) Marco Müller Adam Ondra established the 55m route in 2012 as the first 9b+ in…

Change P1 9a+ by Alex Rohr

15 August 2022

Change P1 9a+ by Alex Rohr

Alexander Rohr, who has previously done ten routes 9a and harder, has done Change P1 (9a+) in Flatanger, thinking it deserves a slash upgrade. (c) John Thornton…


4 August 2022

Very hard boulders in ECH - Graz

The European Youth Championship in Bouldering started today in Graz. Unfortunately, the boulders were very hard and both climbers and coaches were upset. The Norweigian Head Coach, Reino "Nicki" Horak said that for the girls, it was the worst and hardest setting he has ever seen. "It was much worse …


Pain makes me stronger, every day! 8c (+) flash by Moritz Winkler

23 April 2022

Pain makes me stronger, every day! 8c (+) flash by Moritz Winkler

Moritz Winkler has flashed Pain makes me stronger, every day! 8c (+) in Frankenjura. The 26-year-old was pushing hard on rock and in comps as a teenager and had…

Wunderheiler 9a/+ by Alex Megos

2 November 2021

Wunderheiler 9a/+ by Alex Megos

Alex Megos reports on Insta that he has done the first repeat of Pirmin Bertle's Wunderheiler 9a/+ in Frankenjura. It is a new link up in between Corona and Bur…

17 May 2021

8c+/9a and 8c+ by by Moritz Welt

Moritz Welt has done Gomorrha in Frankenjura, put up as an 8c by Markus Bock in 2009. "Really good line with some brutal crimp moves, originally graded 8c, but a few holds have broken, would suppose 8c+/9a now." The day before, he did 21 Times Tha Pain 8c+ twice as also getting on tape for yet anoth…