7 April 2022

Oriane Bertone (17) ready for Meiringen

Oriane Bertone took silver in Meiringen last year and overall she was #3 in the Boulder World Cup. This was surprisingly not as sensational as it seemed as she had already dominated the youth scene for several years, while at the same time setting several female records outdoors, including doing an 8B (+) at age 12!

How are you feeling the day before Meiringen starts and how have you prepared?
I’m doing good, super excited for the season to start :) I’ve been working on my weak points for the past few months and I think I got a bit better 😝. Physical boulders, compressions style or anything where you have to use more muscles than usually.

Any outdoor climbing?
I’ve been concentrating on indoor climbing recently. I didn’t have much time to go climbing outside because of that. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go to Font when I’ll be back from Meiringen.

What are your further plans for 2022?
For the moment I’ll be concentrating on this weekend WC, have loads of fun and enjoy the newly started season :)

What about schooling and how much do you train in a normal week?
Yeah I’m still in school :)) I’m homeschooling actually, so I can have more time to climb and organize my schedule :) I would say around 8 training sessions a week but it depends a lot!
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