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Olympic combined calculated format  (6)

IFSC has published the Olympic format and it is more or less a copy of the format 8a suggested last year. Already in November, IFSC said that they will take, "note of your proposal and will consider it while preparing the format proposal for the Executive Board."

"Rules perspective:
a. The Combined Event consists of 2 rounds (Qualifications and Finals), both comprising all the disciplines.
b. All Athletes (20 men and 20 women) participate in the first round.
c. The Athlete’s score is given by multiplying the Athlete’s ranking (place) in each discipline. The lower the score the better. (Principles to be confirmed)

A ranking is produced after each round (Qualifications and the Finals).
a. The six best Athletes qualify for the Finals.
Note: For the Speed Final the concept of “Lucky loser” (7° and 8° ranked Athletes in the 1/8th finals) applies, as a quota of 6 does not allow the duel system.

The 8a suggested format differs as we included 8 guys in the final in order to have a fair Speed Climbing Final. How IFSC plan to let only the Top-6 climbers compete in Speed with two "Lucky loser" have not been explained. It should be mentioned that previously IFSC had suggested a totally different format which was heavily criticized by the coaches.

The qualification system will follow the IOC principles which will be set in July. However, it will be based on Athletes and not countries but only two athletes male + female will be allowed.

In regards to which type of Speed route will be used in the Olympics, no news has been forwarded but we have been informed that it was up to discussion and IFSC said that there is not enough time to change it.