21 April 2024

Maya Ene (14) flashes Prince of Thieves

Maya Ene, who earlier this spring climbed her first 8B, has flashed Prince of Thieves (8A) in Joe's Valley (UT). The 14-year-old started to make headlines on Vertical-Life [8a] in 2021 when she did her first 8b+ and last year she sent her first two 8c+'s.

Can you tell us more about your trip to Joe's Valley?
We spent about a week there. Mid-trip I had the chance to climb with four very strong teenagers: Beckett Hsin, Landers Gaydosh, Bayes Wilder and Banlu Rogaway. All of us climbed a couple of problems V10 [7C+] and above. Being in such an impressive company I pushed my limits a lot getting “Prince of Thieves” first try. I also sent: “Death Scream” V10 and “Renaissance Man” V9. “Masterpiece” V13, indeed a masterpiece, became my project, but I was not able to send it.

What kind of beta did you get on your 8A flash?
I watched Landers go first (he was the one who knew the beta because he climbed it before). Beckett was second and he flashed it too. The crux was at the bottom, but the top was still tricky and you could mess it up, however, I believe this boulder was my style.

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