23 October 2023

Mattéo Soulé, 16, sends La guerre des Wolfs (9a+)

Mattéo Soulé has done La guerre des Wolfs (9a+) in La verrière after projecting it for some 35 sessions. It is a link-up between La Guerre des Nerfs, which he sent last year, and the Black Wolf project, bolted by his dad.

"It's very hard both physically and mentally since the crux is at the top of the route. I would say it is an 8c+/9a start into a bad rest on a big inverted hold, followed by a crux which must be worth perhaps an 8A boulder. It's clearly the hardest route I've ever done and invested so much."

Can you tell us more about the Black Wolf project?
You have to do an 8c+ approach to get to the first crux which in my opinion is not far from an 8A+/B boulder, then you do an 8B boulder to get to a bad rest and then do the 8A boulder that I also did. This is the hardest route I have ever tried. I think it's at least 9b but possibly harder. It is 25 meters long.
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