13 January 2024

Manon Hily does Rêve De Poutre (8c)

Manon Hily has done Rêve de poutre (8c) in St Léger. Last year, the 29-year-old was #3 in the Briancon World Cup and now her goal is to qualify for the Olympics and later the European Championship. After this, her focus will be outdoors. The picture by Théo Cartier is from L'idéal chimérique (8c+) which is still a project.

Can you tell us more about Rêve?
The route is located on the most beautiful roof of Praniania (for me). It’s a long beautiful power 8c with 2 very different parts. The first one is easy with a vertical part at the beginning and a long crossing part horizontally. It’s about 7b+ grade I think. So the difficulty of the route is on the last five quickdraws. Two very hard movements with low feet for tall people but for small people there is no foot so it’s campus-style. I quite quickly did all the moves but still, after five working attempts I didn’t manage to campus the second movement after the first one. I was close to giving up but I found a new foothold just to push better.

After these two moves, there are still ten very crimpy moves in a resistance section (the same section as the end of Le Cadafist (9a). You can fall so many times on different moves. But lucky me, the first time I managed to do the campus movements, I could also do the last sequences.
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