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Mackenzie from #4 to #6 due to incorrect start 

After the final, the IFSC results did show that 16 year old Oceanina Mackenzie was #4. Then the french team made a protest saying she did an incorrect start at problem three, which was approved, meaning she lost her zone and dropped to #6.

If Oceanina would have stopped trying after she got her zone, she would have been given at least one more try after the competition.

One problem with such late calls is that in theory, a person like Oceanina could have topped the boulder and possibly advanced to the podium. Judges make mistake and if such situation will happen in Tokyo in could mean an anticlimax. Would if saying that any protest must be handed in within five minutes and then automatically an aster-ix (*) would be shown next to the result.

It is super strange for everyone involved that the current ranking is changed after the medal ceremony and after the live-streaming is stopped.