25 July 2022

Lynn Van der Meer does two 8c's in Frankenjura

Lynn Van der Meer, who last year won the Euro Cup in Laval, has done two 8c's in Frankenjura, Roof Warrior (8c) and , "Sooo happy I climbed this line! The route was completely dry and mega beautiful to climb! A really flowy route which fits my style perfectly :) Pretty happy I could send it the fourth time I went in the route." (c) Roman van der Werf.

"Last 2 weeks, I went to Frankenjura two times for 5 days (4 climbing days) with a few days at home in between. On the first trip, I took it slow because I injured my finger back in April. Due to my finger injury, I couldn’t join the international competitions. So I decided to go outside. On the first trip, my finger was feeling good so on the last day, I decided to check out the moves of Father and Son. I went in the route twice that day and could do all the moves and linked some parts of the route together. After this, we went back home and I trained for two days. Last Monday we were back in the Frankenjura. I put the quickdraws back in, repeated the moves of Father and Son, and climbed it in the next go :)

The day after I climbed Father and Son, we went to Roof Warrior, a route I wanted to try for a long time. This time I felt ready to try it. I had the same approach as in Father and Son. First, check out the moves, second time linked parts of the route together. Then I took a rest day and came back the day after. There was one part at the end of the roof that still felt unsure. So when I went up to repeat the moves I searched for other beta and found a kneebar that worked quite well for me. I could send it in my third go that day. Super excited I could send both routes quite fast because now my focus is back to training for the European championships and after that to school. So probably no outdoor climbing for a while."
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