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"Lucky Loser" sportmanship Olympic dilemma 

IFSC have decided that only the Top-6 will qualify to be in the finals in the Olympics. "For the Speed Final the concept of “Lucky loser” (7° and 8° ranked Athletes in the 1/8th finals) applies, as a quota of 6 does not allow the duel system."

As the "Lucky Loser" has nothing to win, this system could create a sportsmanship dilemma as many of the athletes are friends. It might just be that the "Lucky Loser" competing against a good friend, who could get a medal, will not give 100 %. Further more, if a "Lucky Loser" makes it to the final or bronze final, such a run is of no interest for the competition. In fact, it would actually be smarter for a Top-6 finalist to go a bit slow in order to save energy.
(We assume that the Combined ranking will only be based on the results of the Top-6.)

Imagine how strange it would be for any of the 12 finalists, a hundred commentators and tens of millions of spectators to follow such a Olympic Speed final, where some athletes will not go 100 %.

The simple solution for this is to include Top-8 to the final. Alternatively, have three lanes of Speed routes, where the two fastest qualify to the semifinals.