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Live-streaming Moon Board Masters 9/12 

Click to Enlarge Picture"The North Face MoonBoard Masters will take place simultaneously from four iconic MoonBoard locations around the world and streamed live online. With teamwork at its forefront, the competition will pitch five famous duos against each other in a MoonBoard battle of strength and skill."

D Woods & K Condie: The Cliffs - New York City, USA
A Megos & M Hayes: The Foundry - Sheffield, UK.
R Gelmanov & K Kadic: Sharma Climbing - Barcelona
J Chon & M Nonaka: Crux Climbing Gym - Japan
T Narasaki & A Noguchi: Crux Climbing Gym - Japan

The competition format is not set yet but what we know is that soon they will add points to their log-books and it will be identical to the 8a scoring system.

Moon Board Masters