La Proue 8B and Kings of Sonlerto 8A+ (B) by Brooke Raboutou

16 January 2022

Brooke Raboutou, #5 in the Olympics, reports on Insta that she is back in Ticino having done La Proue (8B) and Kings of Sonlerto 8A+ (B). Talking about grades are personal and subjective. The latter was put up by Dave Graham in 2005 as an 8B+ and at that time he thought Fred Nicole’s well confirmed La Proue 8B was 8A+. (c) Finn Stack

The 20-year-old made her first headlines on 8a in 2010 doing her first 8a route as well as her first 7C+. Last year was Brooke’s best ever. In the Boulder World Cup she twice made the podium and in her only Lead events, she was #2 in a World Cup and #5 in the World Championship. Outdoors, she did one 8B+ and flashed her first 8A+.

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4 April 2022

Stylish 8A+ to 8B+ video by Brooke Raboutou

Brooke Raboutou, who was #5 in the Olympics, presents a great video from her Ticino trip earlier this winter when she did Kings of Sonlerto 8A+, La Proue (8B), Heritage 8B (+) and Iur (8B+). On friday she will compete in the Bouldering WC in Meiringen as one of the favorites trying to defend her #4 …

1 January 2022

Franks's Wild Years 8A+ by Alma Bestvater

Alma Bestvater has done Frank's wild years (8A+) as well as Ponk (8A) in Ticino, Insta video. The 25-year-old German is an active competition climber who had her best year in 2018 when she was #10 overall in the World Cup. Last year she was #9 in the Euro Combined Championship.

Two 8Cs by Aidan Roberts and Yannick Flohé

23 March 2022

Two 8Cs by Aidan Roberts and Yannick Flohé

Aidan Roberts has done the FA of Everything the Light Touches (8C) and the second ascent of Kim Marschner's Forgotten G (8C) in Ticino. Yannick Flohé has repeat…


Lomba's 9b knee pad technique and leg strength story

17 May 2022

Lomba's 9b knee pad technique and leg strength story

In the Eder Lomba video of Rainman 9b, we can see that he stays in a kneebar from 3:50 - 7:10, and short parts of it, "no hands rest". Steve McClure did the FA …

16 May 2022

Eder Lomba does Rainman 9b

Steve McClure put up Rainman 9b at Malham in 2017 after projecting it for 128 days. It is considered the hardest route in Britain and now Eder Lomba has done the first repeat. It is a link-up that goes through the crux of Rainshadow 9a and then into Batman 9a before finishing up Bat Route 8c. Intere…

Three girls injured on the same move in SLC


27 May 2022

Three girls injured on the same move in SLC

During the qualifications in the Salt Lake City Boulder World Cup last weekend, (at least) three girls injured themself on the same move. Jenya Kazbekova (#14 i…