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Krivosheytsev won the Leonidio 3 days marathon by 2 714 m 

Click to Enlarge PictureEvgeny Krivosheytsev, four times Ice World Champion and also Speed World Champion as well as twice #2 in a Lead World Cup, won the Vertical-Life climbing marathon in Leonidio. During three days he climbed 2 714 m, divided on almost 80 different routes up to 8a+. Complete results

The Ukrainian did drive down 2 000 km from Odessa to enjoy Leonidio during two weeks. The day before the marathon, the 48 year old onsighted two 8a's and overall he did not fall once. Today he had a well deserved rest day and tomorrow he might try some harder routes.

- Climbing, rocks and atmosphere where much better then I expected! For sure I will come back again for climbing and festival. Organization was good, very friendly and nice people. After 10 days in Leonidio it feel like home. I hope the festival next year will be even better.

It was big pleasure to use the Vertical-life app. Very easy to find the routes and mark them, plus a lot of interesting information.