15 August 2022

Kinder Cakes 9a+ by Jonathan Siegrist

Jonathan Siegrist has made the first repeat of Joel Kinder's Kinder Cakes (9a+) in Rifle (CO). "Intense and very physical roof climbing from the depths of the Skull Cave. A significant step up from D-Mouth. This was my main goal for the summer and an excellent challenge for me. Rifle summer camp is in full effect with a slew of good friends always around! Respect to JK, this one is brutal." (c) Cameron Maier

The 36-year-old has now done 66 routes 9a to 9b which puts him as #6 on that list. In the last 12 months, he has done eleven and if he continues with that frequency, he will be #3 on the 9a list within a year. Adam Ondra with 200+ and Alex Megos with 110+ have done most in the world.

Could tell us a little more about your send?
The process was quite linear - I made just a hair of progress with each day until I finally had enough for the tough red point crux near the end. Not sure exactly on sessions but it was over the span of a 2-week trip. It was helpful to have climbed on ‘Resisting Arrest’ beforehand to help me get in shape for big roofs. In the summer heat, both routes were sometimes unpleasant, but still so fun to try hard on.
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