3 September 2023

Karo Sinnhuber ticks Nepomuk (8A+)

Karoline Sinnhuber, who has done 134 boulders 8A to 8B, has logged her first boulder in 2023, Nepomuk (8A+) in Silvretta. Previously this year, the Austrian has done three 8b+ graded routes.

Can you tell us more about Nepomuk and why you took such a long break from bouldering?
I twice had inflammation in my ring finger - first time on the right side, after my pulley injury, and then from December on, on the left side 🙄. So I couldn‘t climb, train and crimp as hard as I wanted - that‘s why I ended up on the rope 😁, the holds are more finger friendly than on boulders. Since I booked my flight to Red Rocks (which got cancelled, thanks Lufthansa), I tried to get back into the bouldering game.

The boulder itself has 25 moves, so the timing couldn‘t be better to try this one now with my lead shape 😂 The first part of the boulder is Niviuk, which was one of my first ever boulders in Silvretta. It took me quite a while to figure out the sequences again, but when i found it, I managed to get through to the transition part every time.

The transition consists of a rest on heels and toes, before you get into the last bouldery moves of ‚Nevio‘. After all theses moves I found the last part quite hard, with all those crimps for the left hand.
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