18 April 2024

Julia Chanourdie climbs Joe Blau (8c+)

Julia Chanourdie, who is probably best known for climbing Eagle-4 (9b) in 2020, reports on Instagram that she has done Joe Blau (8c+) in Oliana. (c) Williclimb

The 27-year-old is also a successful competition climber and Olympic participant. Prior to the Tokyo Olympics, she had completed six routes graded 8c+/9a and harder, but since then she has struggled with injuries, as reported on Instagram last autumn.

"Since the Olympics, I've been struggling, with repeated injuries for a year and a half, doubts, fear, malaise, the feeling that I've achieved nothing since, and not that much pleasure... Of course, there are plenty of good moments, and I've also learned a lot, but it's as if since that event I've been riding a sad wave that regularly brings me back to the bottom."
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